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5 Best Twitter Reactions To Detroit Lions At Philadelphia Eagles’ Snow Bowl

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5 Best Twitter Reactions to Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a Philadelphia Eagles' fan of a certain age, you remember something called the Fog Bowl, an NFL playoff game at the Chicago Bears where the fog rolled in off Lake Michigan and people watching at home on television saw little or nothing of a game in which the Eagles lost, 20-12.

Chances are, what happened on Sunday against the Detroit Lions at Lincoln Financial Field will have a name of its own, and we’re going with the Snow Bowl. On Saturday night, the two teams went to bed in their respective hotel rooms (the Eagles also stay in a hotel the night before home games), and watched as all four major local TV stations claimed that the snow would be “nothing more than a coating to an inch in the city with potential for a major icing event to the north.”

Nice forecast. By mid-morning, that was changed to one to three inches and then three to six inches, and that’s exactly what “the city” got, a blinding wall of snow that started in the first quarter and lasted throughout the first half, and the residue played havoc with the remainder of the game.

Being a Meteorologist means never having to say you are sorry and never losing your job for being wrong multiple times. For fans of the Lions and the Eagles, it meant watching a game, either in person or at home, that they could not see very clearly, but certainly will be memorable for a long, long time.

Thanks to a social media that did not exist during the infamous Fog Bowl, we also have five of the best initial reactions to this latest Snow Bowl.

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5. First Score Wins?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It might have been insurmountable, had the weather not cleared up in the second half, but fans had a hard time seeing the action on TV in the first half.

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4. Vick After Pick?

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Radio's John Kincade, a Philadelphia native, was calling for the Eagles to use snow specialist Michael Vick after an early Nick Foles' pick, his first of the season.

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3. Dome Team? Go Figure

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Eagles adjusted in the second half, the Lions, a dome team, looked more comfortable in the elements.

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2. Even Canada's Cold Watching

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Even the Canadians were cold watching this one.

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1. Preview of New York Super Bowl?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday's game was a sobering reminder of what the Super Bowl in New York could look like.