Despite Loss, Indianapolis Colts Have Bright Spot In Young Receivers Going Forward

By Eric Smith
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati, OH — Yes, it was a bad loss to the Cincinnati Bengals for the Indianapolis Colts. The 42-28 defeat moves them to the fourth seed in the AFC playoffs, which is where they likely will stay with three games left. As bad as today may seem, between the horrid secondary play and the officials, there were still some bright spots.

One thing to be happy about is that we likely won’t see Darius Heyward-Bey much from here on out. Receivers Da’Rick Rogers and LaVon Brazill stepped up big time in today’s loss. If they can get that same amount of effort from those two here on out, they might have found something.

Rogers and Brazill combined for 160 yards and four touchdowns on nine receptions today. Each scored twice, while Rogers had 107 yards receiving and Brazill 53. The two showed heart, speed and passion, which were things this Colts team was lacking out of their receivers since Reggie Wayne went down on Oct. 20.

Entering today, the duo had a combined zero touchdowns, while Rogers had as many catches as you and me. He stepped up huge in replacing Heyward-Bey today, as he now should earn that starting job. Brazill was exactly who they were hoping he’d become to give Indianapolis three viable receiving options for the rest of the season.

Things are now clicking on the offensive front, despite the offensive line’s inability to protect Andrew Luck or open holes in the running game. If these two can come up big the rest of the year, then they can save the Colts a lot of money in the offseason by not having to bring in another receiver.

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