Detroit Lions Unlikely to Win Last Three Games

By Luis Vilanova
Jim Schwartz
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Life is not pleasant for Detroit Lions fans lately. In my opinion, it will always be easier to forgive the team for the 0-16 season than for missing the playoffs and winning the NFC North this year. The Lions are the most inconsistent team in the league, and are now faced with what seems an impossible task to finish the regular season by winning their last three games.

During Sunday’s game, the Lions were humiliated by the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in the middle of a blizzard. Despite having a strong start and a 14-0 lead, I bet many fans and players alike are still trying to identify the root cause of the loss.

Anything can happen in football and in the blink of an eye, Detroit was getting pounded as they looked overconfident and unwilling to work. What happened to the winning attitude Detroit had committed to showing during the last quarter of the season? In my opinion, it is completely unacceptable for DeAndre Levy to say after the game that the Lions executed soft defense. What exactly is soft defense? Is that even showing up to play?

As the Lions enter the last three games of the season, they must win out. All of the games present favorable conditions as they will be played indoors, but the team’s winning desire is worrisome. The Lions have not been able to win three games in a row all year, and the time to accomplish the impossible is now.

The Silver and Blue were the owners of their destiny during many times throughout the season and the playoffs are slipping away. Unfortunately, the Kings of Self-Sabotage have started to dig an end to their 2013 football season.

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