Joe Flacco Is A Stereotype Of Himself In Baltimore Ravens' Insane Victory Over Minnesota Vikings

By Dan Abeshouse
Joe Flacco
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Joe Flacco has a tendency to look really great sometimes, but also really bad sometimes. In the Baltimore Ravens crazy 29-26 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, Flacco was a little bit of everything.

All the bad characteristics of Flacco were on full display in this game. His accuracy was off on some passes, he held on to the ball way too long on other plays and he threw a few really bad interceptions. Of course, the snowy weather combined with an offensive line that couldn’t block for crap somewhat contributed to Flacco’s woes. The Ravens couldn’t get anything going on offense for most of the game.

All the good characteristics of Flacco were also on full display here. Flacco escaped heavy pressure on a lot of plays and made something out of nothing on a few occasions, there were a good amount of deep throws (Flacco’s specialty) and, of course, the clutch play when it mattered the most.

Down 12-7 with the season on the line, Flacco converted a fourth-and-goal to the returning Dennis Pitta to the put the Ravens up by three after a successful two-point conversion pass to Torrey Smith. Little did Flacco know that the teams would trade three touchdowns within the next 90 seconds. Down 26-22, Flacco led the game-winning touchdown drive in about 40 seconds, hitting Marlon Brown in the back of the end zone with just four seconds left in the game.

To sum it all up, Flacco played like crap for most of the game, but as he’s been known for the past couple of the years he come up big in the clutch (twice in this game). It will be interesting to see what Flacco will do in the final three games (at Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, at Cincinnati Bengals) seeing as the Ravens probably will have to win at least two of the three. I think everyone can agree that win or lose, Flacco makes things very interesting.

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