John Harbaugh Makes Another Boneheaded Call In Baltimore Ravens' Win Over Minnesota Vikings

By Dan Abeshouse
John Harbaugh
Charles LeClaire-USA Today Sports

It’s easy to forget things that go on throughout the course of a game when the finish is action-packed, bizarre, and thrilling. I mean how could anyone not focus in such a wild finish where five touchdowns were scored in the final 2:05 of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings? What’s getting lost in all of the madness is yet another boneheaded call by Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

Early in the fourth quarter trailing 12-7, the Ravens had fourth-and-inches right outside the red zone. There was still enough time to kick a field goal there, so that would have been an okay option. Instead the Ravens used their first timeout and came back with the predictable Vonta Leach dive up the middle which was stuffed for no gain. You call a timeout for Leach up the middle? Real original Harbaugh. Of course Jim Caldwell is the one who calls plays so he’s equally boneheaded, but Harbaugh should have overruled that call (I would have).

There have been coaching blunders like that all season. They went for it on fourth-and-goal against the Green Bay Packers by running Ray Rice up the middle when they were getting stuffed on the ground all day. There was an ill conceived onside kick in the first matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers which set them up for an easy three points. And then you have Leach up the middle against the Vikings.

I don’t mean to be a hater since the Ravens won the game which is the most important thing, but when you play in mostly close games like the Ravens do (10 out 13 games decided by eight points or less) you can’t keep making the same stupid mistakes.

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