New York Giants: Tom Coughlin's Leadership Shouldn't Be Questioned Despite Poor Season

By Andrew Lecointe
Robert Hanashiro — USA Today Sports

New York Giants‘ head coach Tom Coughlin is the oldest head coach in the NFL at 67 years old. The Giants’ loss yesterday against the San Diego Chargers, coupled with the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers victories, officially eliminated them from playoff contention. Since the 2008 season, the Giants have only made it to the postseason once, during their championship 2011 season.

Naturally, questions will begin to float as to whether Coughlin needs to retire and let a younger face be the leader of this football team. However, the Giants haven’t performed poorly this season and missed the postseason in four of the past five seasons because of Coughlin. The players respond well to Coughlin, despite not always playing as well as they should.

The Washington Redskins are an example of a team who needs different leadership. They have been a team that has struggled all season as well like the Giants, and it was unexpected like the Giants also. However, there’s a lot of back and forth going on with the team, from head coach Mike Shanahan to quarterback Robert Griffin III and it’s ripping the team apart. Shanahan clearly doesn’t have a firm grasp of this team, so the Redskins are better off firing him and looking for better leadership.

When the Giants started the season at 0-6, there was hardly any locker room division. The players knew they couldn’t go to the media and start pointing fingers. It also helps to have a quarterback in Eli Manning who isn’t yapping his mouth either. Manning keeps a cool and calm demeanor even in the worst moments. This helps Coughlin and the rest of the team.

Coughlin isn’t happy about the poor play this season and the lack of playoff appearances over the past several years. However, the players love playing for him. As long as you have that, Coughlin should be the head coach.

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