New York Jets Should Go After Mike Evans In 2014 Draft

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Mike Evans
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have a lot of holes to fill in the upcoming offseason. The fact that this team has overachieved so mightily might cloud the fact that this team is lacking in so many areas. Geno Smith has three more weeks to prove that he can be the quarterback of the future, but the Jets main need is a big play threat. Enter Mike Evans.

Evans is having a monster year for the Texas A&M Aggies. He was even discussed as being a potential Heisman Trophy candidate at one point during the season. He has somewhat of an inconsistent seasons, but all big-play threats have a couple of off games. The biggest game we all remember from Evans is when he absolutely toasted the Alabama Crimson Tide secondary in the Aggies narrow loss. Evans torched the Tide for 279 yards on seven catches. The longest one of those receptions was a 95-yard reception.

Evans has a great combination of size and speed. He was a former basketball player, so he has the ability to go up and get the ball. He is 6-foot-5 and weighs 225 pounds. He does not have an official 40-yard dash time, but I am guessing he would run a 4.5. Some of the best attributes Evans has are his instincts. When the play breaks down, he always finds a way to come back to the ball and make a play. He can block down field and his route-running is second to none.

If the Jets are really going to commit to Smith, they must put good playmakers around him. Evans is tearing through college and the Jets would be stupid not to give him a look.

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