Aaron Rodgers Likely Sidelined in Week 15, Green Bay Packers Sigh

By Andrew Fisher
Aaron Rodgers
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The story for the Green Bay Packers has been the same for several weeks now – when will Aaron Rodgers return? The star quarterback suffered a fractured collarbone back in week nine and it’s been nothing but speculation on his return ever since. Initial estimates had him missing three weeks, but now it looks like he could again be on the sidelines for week 15, which would increase his number of games missed to six.

Following a workout on Tuesday, it appears the former league MVP wasn’t feeling well:

Pain while moving, throwing, taking snaps and handing off? It sure doesn’t sound like Rodgers will make his long-awaited return in week 15.

This is of course horrible news for the Packers, as their season is currently on life support with Matt Flynn at QB. He’s played okay during his couple games with the Pack, but it’s clear that Green Bay has no chance of doing anything relevant without Rodgers.

There’s no point to putting the former MVP back out there if he could possibly get re-injured, because it would then impact 2014 as well. It’s bad enough that 2013 has nearly been ruined by his fractured collarbone.

So if you’re a person that thought Rodgers or any of the other top QBs in the NFL were overrated, I think this year has made it perfectly clear that QBs are by far the most important position in the game of football.


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