Atlanta Falcons Potentially Losing OC Dirk Koetter to Boise State Would Be Good Riddance

By Sarah Woodall
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, reports indicated that  Atlanta Falcons‘ second year offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter interviewed for the head coaching position with Boise State via phone.  Considering the Falcons’ current predicament with a 3-10 record, Koetter’s previous history with the state of Idaho, and no hopes of making the playoffs, it would make sense for Koetter to jump ship. I say good riddance.

Koetter may have coached a Falcons’ offense that finished as a top-10 caliber unit in the previous season, but this year has been the polar opposite. The Falcons are ranked 22nd in the league in terms of points scored and are 30th in rushing yards. How in the world could this have happened? Well for starters, these flightless birds of prey have been injury stricken for much of this season, losing their biggest weapon Julio Jones to a season-ending foot injury in October. Their offensive line has also been atrocious. But what really puzzles me is that even with a healthy Jones, a backfield that could have carried the load fine in running back Steven Jackson‘s brief absence, and a franchise quarterback in Matt Ryan there has been no improvement. As a result this offense has revealed Koetter’s true colors. All season long there has been little to no creativity, a lack of execution in the red zone, and the inability to close against opponents offensively in the second half.

Falcons head coach Mike Smith did  mention he was aware of Koetter’s conversation with the university but then said he would not allow Koetter to comment on the matter. Wide receiver Roddy White even voiced his support for Koetter, saying he is a good man whether he takes the job or not.

The recent implications with Koetter could be a good thing for this organization moving forward. With coach Smith’s job being secure for 2014, they still need to make a change. When healthy, the Falcons have a Super Bowl caliber offense. Even though this team has their work cut out for them in the offseason, they are  just one fresh offensive mind away from possibly getting back to their winning ways.

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