Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones' Support of Monte Kiffin is Pathetic

By Michael Pidgeon
Jones and Kiffin
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones continues to think he knows what’s best for the Dallas Cowboys‘ franchise. Jones gave Tony Romo a huge payday in the offseason, and Tony has done his part thus far this season in keeping the Cowboys competitive. However, Jones’ comments in regards to Monte Kiffin are costing him $100+ million and here’s why.

With Romo’s huge $100+ million contract on the books, Jones expected Tony to be able to lift Dallas into postseason contention. That’s exactly what Romo has done to this point, but the Cowboys currently sit at 7-6 with three games to play. Where does the blame deserve to be pointed? Right in the face of Kiffin and his terrible Tampa 2 defense.

The only part of Jerry’s comments I agree with are the ones in regards to Rod Marinelli. What Marinelli has done with the Cowboys’ injury-prone and depleted defensive line has been quite a show of his coaching abilities.

Kiffin, on the other hand, has been a bust as the defensive coordinator. What Romo has done on the offensive side of the ball has been erased by what Kiffin hasn’t been able to do on the defensive side of the ball. Therefore, keeping Kiffin around is wasting Jones’ $100+ million he gave to Romo in the offseason.

Tony outplayed Peyton Manning when the Cowboys met the Denver Broncos. However, due to Kiffin’s defense being unable to force the Broncos to punt the ball once, it didn’t really matter how many points Romo helped Dallas score because the defense just let Manning and the Broncos drive right back down the field and score points of their own.

Maybe Jones gave Kiffin a pass for that game, but the defensive performance last night against the Chicago Bears was just as bad. Josh McCown picked apart Dallas’ defense and once again an opposing offense wasn’t forced to punt the ball once.

If Jones isn’t going to make the changes needed to help Dallas be an all-around team then he can pay whoever he wants $100+ million and it won’t matter. Jerry is currently just blowing money for little to no results. Until Jones realizes this, the Cowboys will continue to just be an average team who will never again see a Super Bowl while Jones is making all the decisions.

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