Speeding Ticket Won't Affect Jadeveon Clowney's NFL Draft Stock

By Rick Stavig
Jadeveon Clowney
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

By now most have heard of the latest Jadeveon Clowney news as he got a speeding ticket.  Clowney, South Carlolina‘s DE and a front-runner for being the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, was pulled over for going 110 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. Subsequently, everyone is curious as to how this affects his draft stock.  Does this speeding ticket affect his draft stock?

Some are saying this is the latest proof of Clowney’s immaturity.  He’s been viewed as taking this 2013 season ‘off’, not going full speed and lolly-gagging out of fear of getting hurt or simply because he didn’t care.  While there is some legitimate concern over taking some plays off, this ticket has nothing to do that.

Let’s be serious, people: it’s a speeding ticket.  If he was arrested (which he was not) I could understand some concern and the possibility of his draft stock sliding.  But he wasn’t.  He was issued a citation and has to pay a $355 fine. Why can’t we leave it at that?

It wasn’t immature to travel at that speed; it was just a stupid thing to do, particularly when you’re under the limelight, like Clowney.  Mature people drive that fast, too. I, myself, and probably most who read this have probably, at one point in their life, decided to just floor it.  I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s something many have done and gotten away with having no ramifications or repercussions.

Do you really think the Houston Texans or anybody else is going to not draft him over a speeding ticket?  Do you pass up the most talented defensive prospect of the last 30 years because he was caught driving too fast?

Look, I’m not condoning his actions nor saying it’s right.  It’s never safe to travel at that speed (unless you’re on the Autobahn), and there’s no excuse for doing such.  His own and others’ lives were at risk by him traveling at such speeds in a designated speed limit zone.

But is this really indicative of his character? Is this indicative of if he’s a good guy or not? Is this indicative of how hard he’ll play in the NFL?  Is this indicative of how much he’s able to help a defense win games?  No, no, no and no.

This was a poor decision by Clowney, but it won’t affect his NFL Draft stock.  Hopefully he realizes his every move is being watched, examined and analyzed by nearly everyone, and that he should be doing everything he can to stay out of the headlines for the wrong reasons.

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