Week 14 Overreaction: Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys

By M. Quann Boyd
Matt Forte
Brad Mills-USA Today Sports

So on the fourth coldest game that the Chicago Bears have played in and on the night where the organization finally retired Mike Ditka’s no. 89, was there any doubt that the Monsters of the Midway were going to lose to the Dallas Cowboys? Simply put, no.

The game was won by the team that wanted it more, and the Bears were the ones to show more resolve and grit throughout the Monday night matchup. Some could even speculate that the Cowboys lost that game before kickoff. With field temperatures in the single-digits (and below zero with the wind chill factored into the equation), it would be understandable that the team from Dallas, Texas wouldn’t be able to deal with the frigid cold Windy City night.

However, as much as the weather may or may not have played into the final outcome of the game, on the field, the Bears proved themselves the superior team on the night.

Offensively, the Bears got all of their playmakers involved early and often. First, ex-Cowboy Martellus Bennett got into the flow of the game, quickly followed by the Bears’ twin towers at the wideout position, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. When the Cowboys thought they had enough, Matt Forte gashed them in both the passing game as well as the run.

Now, one of the many things that made the Bears’ game so remarkable lies in the fact that the opposing defense couldn’t get backup quarterback Josh McCown off the field. With the exception of the very last time the Bears held the ball, the team never punted the ball. And in a game where neither defense could hold water, the Bears went above and beyond on offense and did enough on defense to win the game.

As it stands, the Bears currently have the worst rush defense in the NFL, and it showed on the Cowboy’s first play from scrimmage as DeMarco Murphy was able to break off a huge run on the unit. Nevertheless, it’s like Canibus so eloquently stated, “It’s about who strikes the hardest, not who strikes first.” Despite the Chicago’s having a less than stellar rush defense, the unit was able to get the Cowboys and Tony Romo off the field when it mattered most.

Long story short, the pitiful Bears’ defense was slightly better than the Cowboy’s utterly deplorable cover-2 defense. With three games left on the season, and currently tied with the Detroit Lions for first, the Chicago’s have plenty to play for regardless of how unbalanced the team is between offense and defense.

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