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5 Reasons The Philadelphia Eagles Will Win The Super Bowl

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5 Reasons The Philadelphia Eagles Will Win The Super Bowl

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The Philadelphia Eagles are the hottest team in football right now. They have won the past five games and are on a complete and total roll. Last week's victory was an instant classic. In the "snow bowl" in frigid and brutal conditions, the Eagles came back from a 14-point deficit despite all odds to win 34-20.

This puts them at 8-5, and with the Dallas Cowboys' recent loss they are now firmly in first place in the NFC East a game ahead of the suddenly hapless Cowboys. The Eagles are currently the hottest team in football. While the Cowboys are plummeting downward the Eagles are trending upward. They are firing on all cylinders on both sides of the ball.

As we have seen with the Cowboys they are certainly not. Their defense is perhaps the worst unit in the history of the league, and that is not hyperbole. Right now they are on pace to give up the most yards by any defense ever which makes it all the more puzzling how Nick Foles and the offense only managed to score three points at home against this woeful defensive unit.

Hopefully this was an aberration. Judging by Foles' monster performances after that home disaster it looks like it. It is possible that the Eagles will have clinched the division by the time these two meet the final week of the season. One Cowboys loss and two Eagles victories sews up the division for Philadelphia. Regardless, if it is for all the marbles the Eagles offense has no excuses. They should be able to torch a pathetic Cowboys defense.

As the hottest team in the league right now the Eagles are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Let's take a look at five reasons the Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl.

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5. Chip Kelly

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Chip Kelly has done a wonderful job in his first season as head coach. I may go so far as to say he is the front-runner for coach of the year. He has adapted brilliantly to the world of pro football and gotten the offense to flourish with a pure pocket passer in Nick Foles. The myth that he needs a mobile guy to succeed should now be squashed. Kelly is a huge reason why the Eagles are in playoff and possibly Super Bowl contention in only his first season.

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4. LeSean McCoy And Dominant Running Game

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LeSean McCoy has been as good as it gets at the running back position. His array of moves in the open field are breathtaking, and he has explosive speed to match. McCoy is leading the league in rushing for good reason. He is the most talented all around back in football. Couple him with Bryce Brown and a solid third back in Chris Polk, and you can see why the Eagles have a dominant ground attack. This will potentially get them far in December and January.

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3. Play Makers

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The Philadelphia Eagles have some premium play makers on offense. We already touched on LeSean McCoy, but DeSean Jackson is having his best all around season as an Eagle as well. He is already over 1,000 yards receiving with three games to go, and he is making defenses pay deep and over the middle. Chip Kelly's breakneck offense caters to these two elite athletes big time.

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2. Nick Foles' Emergence At Quarterback

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What can you say about this kid? Nick Foles' jump from year one to year two has been staggering. The kid is balling right now. With 19 touchdowns and only one interception, Foles has been productive while making virtually no mistakes. It's Foles' huge improvement that has this team fighting for a playoff spot. If he keeps playing like this who knows just how far the Eagles' road can take them.

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1. Improving Defensive Unit

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The Philadelphia Eagles' defense has been a god send. It was a defense that most "experts" said would be a disaster this season and was two or three years away from being a solid unit. Well it looks like they have arrived two or three years early. The Eagles have held their last nine opponents to 21 points or less, a league best mark. If the defense keeps improving and limiting damage, the Eagles will be a dangerous team in January.