Change at Quarterback Proves Ineptitude of Washington Redskins Organization

By Ryan Wenzell
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins organization is at it again. They are going with second-year man Kirk Cousins the rest of the season over Robert Griffin III in a move that is more about protecting RGIII’s long term health than anything.

That isn’t the point though. It has gotten bad in Redskin land. They are at the bottom of the NFC East standings with a 3-10 record, and head coach Mike Shanahan looks all but fired. Griffin III’s standing within the organization has been tampered with, and his spirit looks broken.

The franchise man simply looks dejected at press conferences and post game interviews. It is more than just the win loss record too. You can tell there is division within the locker room. It has become clear he doesn’t get along with Shanahan, and there looks to be a rift between himself and the rest of the organization.

No one but the Redskins are to blame for it. Owner Dan Snyder gives Griffin III preferential treatment such as letting him use his limo and privately proclaiming that Griffin III can do no wrong.

He has been put up on one giant pedestal. It’s no wonder why the other players look on in disdain. When the five guys up front are responsible for your health that is not a good thing.

Believe it or not this whole mess started last spring. In a move that was originally viewed as a stroke of genius by the Redskins, the acquisition of Griffin III now looks to have really crippled the team.

They gave up a king’s ransom for him in the form of three first round picks. His reckless style of play and arrogance, whether it be with his offseason antics trying to prove how healthy he was or his divisive nature in the locker room, doesn’t seem to be working out in Washington.

Once again the Redskins will be without a pick, and this time it will be a high one thanks to their record. It has gotten ugly in Landover, and the grass doesn’t look to be getting greener anytime soon.

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