Indoor Conditions Play to Philadelphia Eagles’ Strengths vs. Minnesota Vikings

By Bob Francis
DeSean Jackson
Robert Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to Week 15, one would see that the Philadelphia Eagles are traveling to the Minnesota Vikings to play in a dome and automatically assume that the home team has an advantage. However, playing on the fast surface without the elements really plays right into the hands of the high tempo, skill driven Philadelphia offense.

There will be no snow this weekend to hinder the play of the quickly rising Nick Foles. DeSean Jackson will be at his best on an artificial surface that will speed up his play (as if that’s necessary). Dare we even think that LeSean McCoy could be more effective than a week ago when he set a franchise rushing record?

Realistically, the dome setting will allow the Eagles to get back to some sort of normalcy after playing like little kids in a snowy field this past weekend. It will allow Chip Kelly to get back to the drawing board and begin to script some new and interesting formations that Philadelphia can begin to implement for the remainder of the season. It will provide the chance for all aspects of a thriving offense to fire on all cylinders at the same time.

Granted, the home team will be used to playing in the confines of their own stadium on the track where they’ve suited up for so many contests, but it is the speed and precision of the Eagles offense that will benefit most from playing inside on an artificial surface.

In addition, it will provide the special teams a chance to regain some success without dealing with the conditions which had an influence on their effectiveness against the Detroit Lions.

Yes, the Eagles have to travel. Yes, they’re playing on the road on a different surface than they’re used to. However, they still currently have a better road record than home record, and that surface should end up being more of a benefit than a burden.

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