Miami Dolphins Desire to Trade Jonathan Martin a Mission Impossible?

By Christopher Gamble
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There are reports coming from South Florida that the Miami Dolphins are looking to trade offensive tackle Jonathan Martin to the highest bidder this offseason. The question is, what team would want to take on Martin given his struggles on the field and his odd behavior off of it.

Martin has become infamous for his leaving the Dolphins after allegedly being bullied by teammates including the since-suspended Richie Incognito in October. The incident has since been plastered all over the media and has drawn a ton of attention to the Dolphins, the culture of the NFL as well as Martin’s mental makeup.

Before leaving the Dolphins, Martin, the team’s second-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, struggled in pass protection and was part of an offensive line that led the league in sacks allowed. However, Martin was a highly touted prospect coming out of Stanford so perhaps some team could take a chance on Martin.

The obvious hang-up for any team acquiring Martin would be getting him to fit in in the locker room. Dolphins players almost unanimously sided with Incognito regarding the alleged bullying incident. Not many other NFL players came out in support of Martin either so finding a locker room that would be accepting of Martin could be hard.

The Indianapolis Colts could be one option. Martin protected Andrew Luck in college and Luck did come out in support of Martin in the wake of the allegations. He is also a team leader and he could guide the Colts’ locker room into being accepting of Martin. Luck would also have the help of Coby Fleener who also played with Martin and Luck at Stanford.

There could be an NFL general manager out there who sees the potential of Martin as being worth the risk of bringing him into the locker room. Of course, given Martin’s actions by walking out on the team, there will be a lot of general managers who would avoid Martin and the media circus that is sure to follow. Martin’s behavior also called into question his desire to actually play football which could be yet another hurdle to any potential deal for the Dolphins.

One way or another, we will find out the fate of Martin before the 2014 NFL Draft. The Dolphins might not be able to find a taker for Martin and have to release him but one way or another, Martin has certainly played his last game for the Dolphins. The question now is whether or not Martin has played his last game in the NFL.

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