Rumors Of Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin As Potential Texas Coach Are Ridiculous

By Jeff Hartman
Pittsburgh Steelers
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I have heard some crazy rumors in my time following sports, but the rumors swirling around the potential head coaching job at the University of Texas next season and the names being tossed around as potential suitors for that job are downright ridiculous on many levels.

The first issue is that Mack Brown has yet to step down from the job or be released from his duties as the head coach at Texas. Besides the fact that the job has yet to be vacated, the fact that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin‘s name was even brought up was about as incredulous as rumors come.

The issue with bringing up Tomlin’s name is simple, and it is as insane as also naming Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, as a potential suitor for the Texas job as well.

You aren’t talking about luring an NFL assistant coach to a big-time college program. You aren’t even talking about luring a head coach from a failing NFL team like the Jacksonville Jaguars to a division-one NCAA football program. We are talking about two head coaches that have been extremely successful at the NFL level. Tomlin has won a Super Bowl and been to two. Harbaugh was most recently in the Super Bowl last year, only to lose to the Baltimore Ravens.

Even with the Steelers’ struggles so far this season, why would either of these coaches want to leave their perspective posts to go to the college ranks of luring high school students to their university, compared to drafting their players from college? It simply doesn’t add up.

For Tomlin in particular, he has one of the rarest of head coaching jobs in the NFL. As the coach of the Steelers, he finds himself in very unique company. That he’s only the third head coach since 1969 speaks for itself. The thought that Tomlin would simply step down and walk away from an organization that not only pays well, but has shown more loyalty than any other in the NFL to go to the college ranks is absolutely outrageous.

Quite frankly, Texas can’t offer anything to Tomlin that the Steelers and the NFL doesn’t already give him: money, prestige and control. All of that is already in place in Pittsburgh, so why leave?

I am sure these names were tossed around for a reason, and it could simply be bait for other coaches to be more impressed with the potential vacancy. Regardless of success and stigma around the University of Texas head football coaching job, Tomlin’s name as a potential candidate for this position is one of the more comical rumors I have heard in years.

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