Washington Redskins Making Robert Griffin III Inactive is a Huge Mistake

By Scott DelleFave
Robert Griffin III
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It has been announced that Washington Redskins second-year quarterback Robert Griffin III has been made inactive by coach Mike Shannahan. With Griffin being inactive, fellow second-year quarterback Kirk Cousins has been named starter and veteran Rex Grossman will be backing him up.

This is a huge mistake for the Redskins due to the fact that despite the apparent sophomore slump Griffin is going through, he is the team’s most potent weapon on offense. In addition, it isn’t like they can tank the season and get the coveted No. 1 overall pick and get whomever they want in next year’s draft since they don’t own a first round pick thanks to the trade to acquire RG3. That pick now belongs to the St. Louis Rams, and as of this week they will be picking second overall.

It will be a mistake making Griffin inactive until the 2014 season because it will stunt his development and possibly shatter whatever confidence he actually has left after having an extremely disappointing season. Compared to last year, Griffin’s passing yardage is actually up despite only playing in 12 and a half games. His completion percentage is down five and a half percent, however, and he has thrown seven more interceptions. But what made the Redskins so deadly last year was his ability to take off and run as he had seven touchdown runs last year compared to none this year. While most experts figured that Griffin would struggle after suffering a gruesome knee injury in last year’s playoffs he made it back in time to start the season; however, they didn’t see this bad of a season coming.

All in all, it should be interesting how Robert Griffin III’s 2014 season goes, especially due to the fact it is all but announced that coach Shannahan will be relieved of his duties after the end of this season.

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