Washington Redskins Starting Kirk Cousins Is the Best Long-Term Move

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Kirk Cousins Jacksonville Jaguars
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins will reportedly bench Robert Griffin III against the Atlanta Falcons, and backup Kirk Cousins will start in his place.

Griffin hasn’t been at his best this season and his play in recent weeks has been sloppy to say the least. The second-year QB has been sacked 24 times in the last five games, and with the goal of keeping him healthy towards the next season it has been reported that head coach Mike Shanahan has decided to make him inactive for Sunday’s contest.

Benching RGIII was something the team should’ve done weeks ago as the signal-caller has been suffering from a major sophomore slump that’s affecting his play and the overall performance of the team. His absence against Atlanta could even decompress the mood in a locker room that seems to be quite stormed by all the media attention they have gathered in recent weeks.

With Cousins starting, the Redskins are likely to rely a lot in the running game considering that the Falcons’ secondary has been awful against the run. Alfred Morris should be able to have a field day, and if Cousins is able to be effective the Redskins could have chances to end up getting a much-needed win.

The benching of Griffin is the best move for the team not only for the remainder of the year but also for the future of the franchise. Griffin is not healthy, and based on his style of play he needs to be 100 percent to be highly effective. Cousins, on the other hand, will be able to showcase himself, get some playing time and maybe if he’s productive the team could even trade him to fill some of the other needs the team has.

Even though the results about this move are yet to be determined, there’s little doubt that the Redskins are making the right choice this time. It’s definitively late in the season, and with the team out of the playoff race the priority should be to do what’s best for the team in the long run.

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