5 Reasons Why Detroit Lions Aren’t Serious Contenders

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5 Reasons Why Detroit Lions Aren't Serious Contenders

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The Detroit Lions have been teasing their fans with dreams of contending for several years now. After spending an entire decade drafting in the top-10, they finally put together enough talent that they should be real contenders. But, for one reason or another, the past few years have seen them consistently underachieve. This year things aren’t much different.

This year, they are the same undisciplined, inconsistent team that has failed to live up to expectations the last two seasons. Head coach Jim Schwartz has proven an inability to lead his team to success, which may be the only thing that this team has actually proven on the field.

We’re still waiting for franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford to be consistently great. They have one of the best receivers in the league, but Calvin Johnson isn’t enough to get them to the championship level they need to be. The Detroit fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL, and they deserve a team that finally exceeds their expectations.

Unfortunately for those fans, the 2013 season is starting to look very much like the last two or three seasons. The Lions have shown glimpses of the potential that we all know they have, but they just can’t seem to get over the hump and compete with the elite teams in the league. At this point it isn’t a lack of talent; they have the roster to win more games, but there has to be a reason they consistently underachieve.

These are the five reasons that why the Detroit Lions, once again, aren’t serious contenders.

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5. The Defense Is Unreliable

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It was just a few years ago that the Lions were not-so-quietly building one of the league's best defenses. Well, as so often happens with the Lions, things have not gone to plan. The Detroit defense is currently ranked 18th overall in the league in points against. That isn't terrible, but it won't get you to a Super Bowl, either.

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4. Reggie Bush Can't Stay Healthy

Reggie Bush
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Reggie Bush came out as a dominant force for the Lions earlier this season. His specific skill set was a perfect match for the Detroit offense and their temperature-controlled dome stadium. But, since then, their newly-acquired playmaker has reverted back to his old injury-prone self.

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3. They Still Haven't Found A Second Receiving Option

Calvin Johnson
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Calvin Johnson may be the best receiver in the world, but the Lions have failed at providing him with help in the passing game. With no other option to help take the coverage off Johnson, good teams are able to slow him down enough to keep him from taking over games.

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2. Matthew Stafford Still Hasn't Proven Himself

Matthew Stafford
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So much in the NFL just comes down to how well your quarterback is playing. Stafford certainly has the upside to put together a Joe Flacco-like run in the postseason, but until we see it for ourselves he will still remain a good-but-not-great quarterback.

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1. They're Undisciplined

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There must be nothing more frustrating for a fan base than to root for an undisciplined team. The Lions have all the talent they need to be serious contenders, but they don't have the discipline and leadership to take advantage of that talent.

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