Chicago Bears Will Start Jay Cutler in Week 15; Josh McCown in Bullpen?

By Andrew Fisher
Jay Cutler
USA Today Sports

If you’re a Chicago Bears‘ fan, there are two words that you’ve hated hearing over the last week – quarterback controversy. It’s usually never a good sign to hear those two words associated with your team, but in the case of the Bears, they’ve got one of those ‘good problems’ on their hands. Josh McCown is coming off a four-touchdown performance in week 14 and has played well since Jay Cutler went down with an injury a few weeks back. But now Cutler is healthy enough to return and some are wondering if he’s still the best man for the job.

One guy who for sure thinks Cutler is the best man for the job – Marc Trestman. The Bears’ head coach has planned to start Cutler in week 15 all along, barring any setbacks. Apparently there were none, and No. 6 will be under center this Sunday as Chicago gets set to take on the Cleveland Browns.

As hot as McCown has been lately, you really can’t say it’s a bad thing to go back to Cutler. He’s the franchise QB and it’s his team. Everyone from McCown to Brandon Marshall will tell you that. But I’m wondering what will happen if Cutler plays poorly. The Bears are in a win-out situation and they can’t afford to wait around for their franchise QB to get back in the swing of things.

McCown in the ‘bullpen’ will be the most intriguing Bears’ storyline to follow in the coming weeks. It’s one thing to replace Cutler if he isn’t healthy, it’s another if he’s playing poorly and hurting the team’s chances of winning.


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