Detroit Lions Fan Beaten Unconscious by Philadelphia Eagles Fans

By Ryan Heckman

Last weekend, we saw one of the most memorable scenes in the history of the NFL as the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Detroit Lions in a snowstorm. The conditions were an absolute blast to watch as a fan, but they weren’t serious enough to stop Eagles running back LeSean McCoy from rushing for a team record 217 yards in the Eagles win.

After the game, though, the snow was the least of worries for a certain — and still anonymous — Lions fan. According to a police report, there was a Lions fan who had been beaten up by a group of Eagles fans to the point where he was knocked unconscious.

The 33-year old victim, formerly a resident of Detroit, was on his way home from the game when he was attacked by a group of fans, according to Larry Nodiff, captain of the South Detective Division of the Philadelphia Police.

“Apparently he had a Detroit jersey on and a cap, and he apparently started to have snowballs thrown at him,” Nodiff said. “There was a little bit of a verbal back and forth. He was alone and then six males wearing Eagles jerseys were punching him.”

“He said at some point he fell to the ground and he believes for a short period of time he passed out. He then woke up and there was somebody helping him off the ground and he looked and he said all he remembered was that the male helping him had an Eagles jersey on (and) helped him get to the subway.”

There’s one more interesting twist to this story.

The Eagles fan, that ended up helping the victim up off the ground and to the subway, was so disgusted with what happened that they took off their own Eagles jersey and threw it in the trash.

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