New York Jets, New York Giants Really Hurt Themselves This Season By Winning

By Steven Carollo
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Both the New York Jets and New York Giants will not make the postseason this year.

The Jets were expected to miss the playoffs this year, but they surprised many by winning early and were actually in a wild card spot halfway through the season. However, their season went bye-bye after their bye week , and they lost two brutal games right off the bat that really cost them any shot to win that second wild card spot and make the playoffs.

The Giants, on the other hand, were thought of as favorites in the NFC East, but instead started off the year 0-6, went on a four-game winning streak to get back in the weak division race, but then lost two out of their next three to officially eliminate themselves from playoff contention.

The Jets and the Giants both hurt themselves tremendously this year, and they actually did this by winning. Both these teams have a lot of weaknesses: the Jets with no passing game and a weak secondary, and the Giants with no defense and no offensive line  The Jets would have actually been better off living up to preseason expectations of losing most of their games, and the Giants would have been better off to continue losing after their 0-6 start so both would receive high first-round draft picks.

But because of the Jets overachieving early and the four-game winning streak for the Giants, both of these teams cost themselves a great opportunity to draft a top player to best fit their needs for next year. Now I know teams and players do not think like this, but it is an interesting point to bring up in my opinion. What’s yours?

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