Washington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan Shows True Colors by Benching Robert Griffin III

By Dave Daniels
Kirk Cousins
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, head coach Mike Shanahan does not even want to coach in DC anymore, but benching quarterback Robert Griffin III in this fashion is cowardly. The strange reports, about how Shanahan was going to quit last season and then RGIII’s knee injury happened so he stayed, all point to what a mess this season was destined to be.

Grew up my whole life watching the ‘Skins, but have not been able to stomach watching them live this year. Sometimes cannot even get through the highlights the play is so disturbingly bad this season.

RGIII needed to have a little bit of an ego check after the documentary this fall, but the criticism went a bit too far and honestly feel for the young man. He did not deserve a not fully committed coach coming back, and he certainly does not deserve the atrocity of a defense that has rarely had his back this season. All in all, as a DMV native just kind of want to press reset on this season for Washington and see what RGIII looks like next season when he hopefully will no longer have to sport a brace. Honestly, also glad they are shutting him down because will not have to watch Griffin’s season end by being helped off the field.

Having RGIII hurt during the last three weeks of a lost season “would have been criminal” said analyst Longsworth Hammond.

The only bright spot in this dark cloud of a season is that Griffin will not have to deal with this particular red faced coach any longer after the next month passes.

Bye, bye Shanahan. Don’t let the bloody door hit you on the way out.

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