Washington Redskins: Media Is Wrong About Mike Shanahan Press Conference

By Brian Anderson
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It’s only right that after I wrote an article revealing that I believe Robert Griffin III will never be an elite quarterback that I write an article defending Mike Shanahan‘s decision to bench the slumping second-year player. After a full day of watching ESPN, it’s fair to say that everyone seems to be blowing this situation completely out of proportion. Mostly everyone one of their analyst totally trampled over Shanahan; expressing their disbelief in the coaches and the organizations decision to sit RG3 for the remaining three weeks of the 2013 NFL season.

Apparently these analysts believe that Shanahan has a hidden agenda. One thing I heard was that he was doing that so that he could get himself fired; something I just almost lost my mind over. This isn’t a man who’s in position to be pulling anyone’s leg – pun intended. He took an extreme amount of flack for keeping RG3 in last season, which lead to the major injury. Now he’s trying to protect his player and everyone turns their back. It’s like he can’t win either way. Someone needs to step up and defend their coach in this situation and not let the media turn this into a circus act.

I’m all for the controversy but we don’t have to throw people under the bus just to conjugate national headline material. This story isn’t as big as it has been perceived. Shanahan is telling the truth and he just made the best decision for his quarterback, especially after what we all saw in last year’s playoffs. No one can see into the future and regardless of what you may believe in, you just don’t know if RG3 could have been re-injured if he was, then everyone would be sticking their foots in their mouths and walking away with their tails between their legs.

If you want the best for this young man, then you know it’s in the best interest of his name and brand to sit the rest of the season on the sidelines. People have said that he can’t learn from not playing, but indeed you do. That’s exactly what Philip Rivers did behind Drew BreesTom Brady behind Drew BledsoeAaron Rodgers behind Brett Favre. I know Kirk Cousins isn’t comparable to any of those players but he has one of the best coaches of all time to turn to. The media’s misconception of a man’s true intention should not be applauded and contorted into senseless propaganda.

I applaud the decision and RGIII now has the chance to rebuild his confidence. It would probably be a bit easier for him to play if he didn’t have to worry about those “concerned” analysts bashing him week in and week out. Worry about yourself, Robert, and block out the negativity. This man missed an entire offseason and could possibly miss another if he had gotten injured in the last three pointless weeks of the Washington Redskins season. Now, he can focus only working on his technique and body and not go through a full and positive offseason workout. So guys, lay off of the coach and let’s just watch some football for a change.

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