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6 Baltimore Ravens Players That Need To Step Up In Week 15 vs. Detroit Lions

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6 Baltimore Ravens Players That Need To Step Up In Week 15 vs. Detroit Lions

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Welcome everyone to the Week 15 edition of five Baltimore Ravens Players that need to step up. This week, the Ravens will be making their only appearance on Monday Night Football as they travel to Ford Field to play the NFC North leading Detroit Lions. Why shouldn't this be the Ravens only Monday night appearance? They're only the defending champions. At least they get to play the following Sunday night at home, oh wait they don't even have that anymore. I've decided I'm adding a sixth player to the list; I've got powers like that.

Before I go through my six players this week, lets see how I did last week. My five players from Week 14 were Joe Flacco, Torrey Smith, Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and Jimmy Smith. I wrote earlier this week that Flacco had a bizarre game against the Minnesota Vikings, in which he saw the best of “Good Joe” and the worst of “Bad Joe”. It was like beautiful art, a masterpiece of greatness and garbage all in one game. Suggs was quiet again, J.Smith was solid despite giving up his first touchdown in a while, and Ngata was very solid in run defense. T. Smith didn’t do much in the passing game, but I blame that on the snow. He would have had a huge game against that team in ideal weather conditions.

The following are the six players that need to step it up this week if the Ravens hope to beat a good Lions team on the road. Enjoy the show.

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6. Joe Flacco

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We'll really get to see what Flacco is made off on Monday night, because he'll probably be harassed all game. I expect somewhat of a repeat from last week, "Bad Flacco" for most of the game and "Good Flacco" for the fourth quarter comeback attempt. I'm guessing the Lions front seven will be tired from sacking Flacco so much, that they'll be out of energy for the fourth quarter and Flacco will finally have time to expose the Lions susceptible secondary.

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5. Offensive Line

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Normally I hate putting an entire unit on the list, I feel it's a cop-out. But in this case, I feel it's necessary. The Ravens offensive line has been a weakness of the team all year, although they've been a little better in the past couple of games. Well they all better be a lot better going against Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. I don't really expect much from the running game anymore, but if they give Flacco some time, they'll be to hang around. Can someone please tell Michael Oher to stop false starting on every other play? Thanks.

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4. Torrey Smith

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I'm thinking maybe I was one week too early on the huge Torrey Smith game. With no winter weather and a fast track to run on, I see Smith catching at least two passes of 30 yards or more.

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3. Dennis Pitta

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Welcome back Dennis Pitta. I didn't think Pitta would have the impact he had upon his return, but he did. Sure he kind of sucked at the beginning of the game dropping a few balls, but that was probably a combination of being rusty and the awful weather conditions. It's pretty obvious that Flacco missed his buddy. Pitta is the security blanket that Flacco needs, especially when he has to run for his life, which he probably will in this game.

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2. Jimmy Smith

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In a game with the Lions last preseason, Jimmy Smith got clowned pretty bad by Calvin Johnson. Luckily that game didn't count and Smith is finally starting to live up to his first-round potential this year. I would imagine he'll be spending a lot of time trailing Megatron. This will be the test to see how far Smith has come along. It's time to put on the big boy pants.

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1. Matt Elam

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Matt Elam is the sixth player I decided to add at the last minute. For anyone that hasn't heard, Elam called Megatron "Old". Yes, his comments were taken a little out of context and he probably said it without thinking, because let's face it Elam is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but come on man. When you're a rookie safety that really hasn't had any memorable moments yet, you should not even come close to saying something stupid like that. It's out there now, so you better back it up now son. That's it, see you next week.