Aaron Rodgers Isn't Robert Griffin III; Green Bay Packers Obviously Throwing Season Away

By Ryan Heckman
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official: The Green Bay Packers will be starting Matt Flynn against the Dallas Cowboys in week 15.

“Frankly, it’s been a difficult morning going through the conversation with Aaron (Rodgers) and Dr. McKenzie,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said after Friday’s practice, according to ESPN. “He feels like he’s ready to play. He’s had a good week of preparation.”

McCarthy said that his quarterback felt well enough to play and desperately wants to be on the field.

“The hurdle that I know Aaron wanted to get over, he achieved it this week,” the coach said. “He feels really good. He felt like he was ready to play. But listening to all of the conversation, all of the facts and evaluation, it’s in our best interest as a football team, as an organization for Aaron not to play in this game.”

Listen, I know the worry of potential re-injury is an issue. But, if the Packers want to get into the playoffs, or at least have a shot, they will play Rodgers if he feels ready to play. Rodgers knows what’s on the line. He’s been here before. He’s a true professional and I’m sure he knows his body as well as anyone. This isn’t a case with a young quarterback like Robert Griffin III. There’s a big difference.

Against a desperate team like the Cowboys, the Packers likely won’t fare well. Tony Romo and Dez Bryant have more than enough to score points on their end. Obviously, the Cowboys’ defense has been horrendous all year. But, Flynn isn’t exactly of Rodgers’ quality under center. The Packers have a win, a loss and a tie against what would have been more than winnable games with Rodgers under center.

The only logical explanation for the Packers starting Flynn over Rodgers at this point is because they know they won’t make it into the postseason. It’s a tough reality, but it’s the absolute truth. They are too far gone right now, even in a tight division, to make it atop the division. Flynn is not going to get them there, and the defense sure as heck won’t do their part to win the game. So, tell me again why Rodgers isn’t playing?

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