Denver Broncos: Defense and Time of Possession, Kryptonite

By Tylor Walden
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Another blueprint to the Denver Broncos was found. And it was not just the defense.

The San Diego Chargers completely took advantage of the defense and had controlled the ball for the majority of the game, using the clock as a weapon. They kept Peyton Manning on the sidelines for a lot of the game as the Broncos suffered their third loss of the season. The Chargers and Phillip Rivers used father time to help them win the game as well as take advantage of the Broncos other weakness, their defense.

Now with the Broncos at 11-3 they are going to have to hope that the New England Patriots lose somewhere down the road if they are going to have any chance of securing home field advantage. The Chargers have definitely found another blueprint for the Broncos’ offense.

If the Broncos are going to have any chance of going far in the postseason, they are going to have to step up on defense so that they can get off the field quickly. The bigger weakness to fix will be the Broncos’ defense. They need to get healthy and solve what is going on for in order to make it far in the postseason. The Chargers revealed that keeping Manning on the side line is the best way to defeat the Broncos. I am sure other teams have figured out that before, but it took until Manning’s near second full season for a team to rediscover that about Manning. Keep him off the field could be the Broncos’ biggest weakness. And that is something that is going to need to be fixed quickly, or this season will be yet another bust for the Denver Broncos.

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