Houston Texans: Considering Johnny Manziel if Teddy Bridgewater Stays?

By Jason Weingartner
Andrew Weber – USA Today Sports

The Houston Texans luck may have swung for the worst on Friday, when it was widely reported that Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater is contemplating staying in school and not entering the 2014 NFL draft.

The Texans 2013 season can simply be described as tumultuous, but on the bright side of things in a season lacking them, Houston is in prime position to land the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft. Popular opinion is that the team should use that pick to address issues at quarterback, aiming for a player to lead the franchise for the next decade or so.

While drafting a QB is far from a sure thing in the NFL, the guy thought to have the best shot at being a superstar is Bridgewater. It would be such a blow to the Texans if he decides to continue his college career at Louisville in 2014.

While the best player on the board is likely South Carolina DE Jadaveon Clowney, a freak athlete and relentless pass rusher, the Texans are riddled with deficiencies and must address them as opposed to drafting the best athlete coming out of college in 2014. Although, the thought of Clowney and Texans DE JJ Watt on the same line would be a defensive coordinator’s dream and may induce night terrors in opposing QBs.

That would leave Texas A&M standout (and all around party boy) Johnny Manziel as the best option to fill the need at QB. The Texans have been notorious about being extremely selective in regards to character in personnel decisions. The fanbase would likely love the move, given Manziel is wildly popular locally. It will be interesting to see if the Texans are willing to mortgage the future of the franchise on Johnny Football.

Or GM Rick Smith could always draft an offensive lineman, and potentially break existing noise records being set at NFL stadiums this year, with boos at Houston draft parties.

The Houston Texans should cross their fingers and pray Bridgewater is ready to pack up the dorm room and head south.

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