Philadelphia Eagles Finally Figuring Out The Fourth Quarter

By Ryan Wenzell
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles had been outscored 33-0 in their last four fourth quarters. That is no misprint. They were failing to finish ball games, thus letting the opposition back in the game.

Truthfully, these games weren’t as close as the score indicated and should not have been nail biters. The Eagles learned their lesson last Sunday as they stomped on the Detroit Lions‘ throats while outscoring them 28-6 in the fourth quarter and never allowing them to make it close.

This is a valuable lesson for the Eagles going forward. We are getting into the middle of December now. December and January are when you want to get hot and play your best football, and right now that is exactly what the Eagles are doing.

Philly is the hottest team in football right now riding a five-game winning streak, but there are still certainly things they need to work on. Special teams was awful last week giving up two returns, one on a punt and one on a kickoff.

This can’t happen again. They will need to be better especially since they go up against one of the league’s most dangerous returners in Cordarrelle Patterson this Sunday. As mentioned earlier, they also need to do a better job of finishing teams off.

Last Sunday was a great start, but it needs to happen with more consistency. This Week 15 match up with the Minnesota Vikings has trap game written all over it. Head coach Chip Kelly was notorious in college for getting his team ready to play even the most inferior of opponents.

Don’t overlook anybody. Hopefully this is another one of his coaching characteristics that translates to the next level. Each game is too important to take for granted at this juncture. I have no doubt Kelly will have his troops ready to go to war.

Right now the Eagles are in the driver’s seat to win the NFC East and host a playoff game for the first time in a long time in Kelly’s first year no less. Kelly will see fit that nothing is done to spoil that.

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