Ravens vs. Lions: Joe Flacco Should Torch Weak Detroit Secondary

By Ryan Wenzell
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat last Sunday as Flacco led a touchdown drive with 40 seconds left to secure the victory. Head coach John Harbaugh looked relieved more than he did elated as that would have been a tough home loss.

Moving on to next Monday night the Ravens travel to Ford Field to face the Detroit Lions. The Lions feature an explosive offense especially at home on the turf so this one might require the Ravens’ offense to put up points.

That shouldn’t be a problem. The Lions have the 25th ranked passing defense in the league, and their corner play is suspect at best. Flacco should take advantage of one-on-one match ups on the outside. Guys like Torrey Smith, Marlon Brown, and Jacoby Jones are going to get open for the young quarterback. He just needs to find them.

Every game is huge for the Ravens as they are fighting for their playoff lives. They hold the No. 6 seed right now, but two other teams in the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins are creeping up on them. They must take care of business Monday night in a tough environment.

Rookie safety Matt Elam certainly didn’t make the job easier by calling stud wide receiver Calvin Johnson an “old man.” Someone needs to slap Elam upside the head. You never want to wake a sleeping giant. He did just that. We saw what happened the last time someone talked trash to Johnson as he lit it up for over 300 receiving yards and a near league record. Dumb move, rook.

Regardless, the Ravens need this one. Strap in, folks. This Monday Night contest should be an explosive one.

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