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5 Reasons Denver Broncos’ Fans Should Be Concerned

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5 Reasons Denver Broncos' Fans Should Be Concerned

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To most, Thursday Night was supposed to be a walk in the park for the Denver Broncos. They controlled their own destiny for home-field advantage, but the San Diego Chargers had other plans.

Now sitting at 11-3, the Broncos no longer control home-field advantage due to the New England Patriots owning the tiebreaker. If they are forced to play the championship game in Foxboro, the Broncos are going to have to bring their A Game from start to finish. They can't allow what happened in the last meeting happen again. If they are to have any chance at home field they are going to have to hope one of the Patriots' final three opponents beats them. But that is not the only thing that they need to worry about.

The Broncos proved on Thursday Night that they still have a lot of work to do in the final two weeks in the regular season. Had things gone better for the team they could possibly be resting players at least in the final week. That appears as if it will not happen this time around, though. There are other areas of improvement that need to be fixed and hopefully will at least be adjusted in the final two weeks of football.

Despite their record a lot can be improved on, and if it is not done soon there will be no third championship in Denver. Here are the five reasons that fans of the Broncos should be concerned about their team going into playoff time in January.

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5. Poor Pass Defense

pass defense
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While the run defense (minus Thursday's game) has been effective, the pass defense has had more downs than ups. Champ Bailey cannot seem to get healthy and having mediocre second string players is not going to be enough for this team to go far. Coverage and limiting mistakes is also key -- no more senseless penalties.

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4. Injuries

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The Broncos actually have better depth than most teams, but in order for the team to go far they need to get healthy on both sides of the ball. Bailey needs to get fixed and certainly Wes Welker returning will have an impact on the offense.

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3. Getting Off the Field on Third Down

third down
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Last game showed that the Broncos defense could not stop the Chargers on third down. Either it came down to a penalty or lack of defense during those downs; they just cannot stop teams when it matters most. It has to be consistent from start to finish.

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2. Time of Possession

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Peyton Manning is masterful at moving the ball down the field and scoring. He has the offense to do that, but the problem is he moves it down so quickly the defense has to do their part and make stops which links to the last slide. If the defense can't get off the field that means Manning will be on the bench even longer, and that is not good for a high powered offense. So, for perhaps the last time I will mention it: The Broncos' defense needs to get off the field.

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1. Peyton Manning in January

peyton manning
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This has been a hot topic since Mid-November. How will Manning play in January in freezing temperatures? He has had a back and forth time with this but did win a cold weather game two weeks ago. But how will he respond come playoff time? Will we see a new Manning who will defy Mother Nature and win or will we see the same Manning who struggles in the cold?