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5 Reasons Why Indianapolis Colts Aren’t Serious Contenders

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5 Reasons Why The Colts Aren't Serious Contenders

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When the 2013 NFL season started, several teams were already picked to be Super Bowl contenders. The Indianapolis Colts were one such team, and you could say they had “Luck” on their side (no pun intended). Okay, yes there was a pun intended.

Andrew Luck was one of the most successful rookie quarterbacks in the history of the NFL last season. He helped the Colts overcome adversity when their coach went down with cancer. With his impressive skills, he nearly took the Offensive Rookie of the Year award away from Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Coming into this season, all signs were pointing towards the Colts as an early favorite to make an appearance at the Super Bowl in February.

The football gods have a funny, if not cruel sense of humor at times, though. Early in the 2013 season, the Colts lost their long-time offensive weapon, Reggie Wayne, to a torn ACL. Indianapolis decided to go out and trade a first round draft pick for Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson, in a move that shocked Browns’ fans and NFL fans everywhere. Cleveland fans ended up having the last laugh, though, as Richardson has had some of his worst production in his career since joining the Colts.

Currently, Indianapolis has a three game lead over the Tennessee Titans for the division crown. It is fairly obvious that the Colts will win the division and move on the AFC playoffs, but that the Colts do not know is that they really aren't serious contenders for the Super Bowl.

Follow the slideshow and see the five reasons why they will be watching the Super Bowl from their couches at home instead of playing at MetLife Stadium in February.

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5. Losing Reggie Wayne Was A Huge Blow

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It was a scary realization when Reggie Wayne went down. Andrew Luck would no longer have one of the best receivers in the game to throw to anymore. Second year receiver T.Y. Hilton has done a wonderful job of picking up the slack for the Colts, but his inconsistency has hurt the team more than once this season.

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4. The Lack Of A Running Game

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Whether it is Donald Brown, Trent Richardson or even Andrew Luck running the ball, the Colts still do not have a consistent running game. The funny thing about the Colts' running game is that Luck is second on the team in rushing yards with 336 and he also has four rushing touchdowns. Richardson has gotten the majority of the carries this season but has the fewest amount of rushing yards out of the three players mentioned earlier. Brown has shown promise as being a dual-threat running back, but he still has a long way to go in order to be a consistent force for his team.

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3. Beating Great Teams, Losing To Bad Ones

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How do you go from beating the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos to losing games against the Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals? When the Colts beat the Seahawks it shocked the NFL world. People were claiming that the Colts were going all the way, especially if they could beat a team like Seattle. Two weeks later the magic would continue with a win over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Since that time, the Colts have gone 3-3, losing two out of those three games to teams that will not be in the playoffs. The lack of consistency has been the dominant factor of why the season has gone so poorly for Indianapolis.

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2. Andrew Luck's "Luck" Has Run Out

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Statistically speaking, Luck has done rather well this season. When you look at how he has fared in certain games, that is when you start to question his level of play. Luck has had more than one game this season where he has not gone positive in terms of touchdowns to interceptions. It is interesting to see how he has become a little more willing to tuck the ball and run for yards or even the end zone. The sophomore slump has been a little brutal on Luck, but have no fear; he will have a long offseason to rest and recover and get Reggie Wayne back on the field with him.

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1. Lack Of Third-Down Conversions

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If you cannot convert on third-down you are going to have a serious problem winning games in the NFL. Indianapolis has converted just 60 of their 164 third-downs this season, and that's a number that is not good at all from an offensive production standpoint. The Colts are currently only converting just 37 percent of their third-downs. If a team cannot convert on third-down they will have a serious problem scoring points and making drives last in the playoffs.