New York Giants Are Still New Jersey's Superior Team

By Christian Nelson
giants vs jets
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As the NFL season is starting to wind down, speculation in the New York Metropolitan area is spreading that the New York Jets have unseeded the New York Giants as New Jersey’s best football team. And while the Jets do have the upper hand in terms of records between the two (Jets are 6-7 opposed to Giants 5-8), the quality of roster and coaching staff are clearly on different levels when compared to Big Blue.

While looking further into the rosters of the two organizations, it is clearly apparent that the Giants’ players have the better credentials against the NFL’s best competition. Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning, regardless of this season, still walks around New York City with two big Super Bowl rings on his fingers, and has a large display case at his home with two Super Bowl MVP awards (along with his three Pro Bowl jerseys).

As good as Geno Smith is (well, he can throw the football, can’t he?), the comparison between the two quarterbacks is no match. Even when looking into who had the better year of the two just in 2013, Manning has 779 yards and seven touchdowns more than the Smith — not to mention an 11.8 higher passer rating.

Across the board on offense, each position is awarded to the Giants, with exception to the offensive line, which has inhibited Manning to having even higher numbers compared to the rookie quarterback on the Jets.

When things finally get competitive is the defense, where the Jets do have some playmakers that can make things happen. But we aren’t talking about a team like the Ravens last year that could pull wins out just because of a stout defense.

The question is: If you were starting a team right now, which defensive players would you want?

A) Justin TuckJason Pierre-PaulJon BeasonAntrel RolleLinval Joseph and Prince Amukamara


B) Sheldon RichardsonMuhammed WilkersonAntonio Cromartie and Dee Milliner

I’d say the readers choice’s would be about 51/49, but the edge would be to the Giants, simply due to the fact that it is proven to win Super Bowls, which is the ultimate measure in determining success in the NFL. Out of the Giants choices above, there are nine Pro Bowl selections, opposed to the Jets’ options of just two.

Granted, the Jets defense is very young, and has a bright future ahead of them, but the Giants aren’t even close to old. They are all either young or in their prime, which makes them the more attractive selection in 2013.

Coaching comparisons between the two teams is also no match. Giants’ Tom Coughlin is clearly the superior head coach to Rex Ryan, as two Super Bowls speak for themselves. Ryan, though improving, is always running his mouth on just how amazing the Jets are, and always seem to shrink under the pressure of backing up the talk.

Aside from on-the-field comparisons, the Giants have the more faithful fan base, and profitability and success as an organization shows for it. According to Forbes, the Giants are ranked fourth on the NFL’s Most Valuable Teams List, while also garnering the most attendance per game in the NFL, with exception to the Dallas Cowboys in Jerry World. The Giants organization is worth a total of $1,550 million, which is an astonishing amount for any business.

The Jets, however, are not on the same level. Jets fans failed to fill over 92.5 percent of seats in MetLife Stadium last season, which is the 26st lowest number in the NFL. While the Jets are ranked sixth on the list, they are worth a mere $179 million less than the Giants organization.

While the Jets do have the better record as of late in the 2013 NFL regular season, the Giants are clearly the superior team in the New York Metropolitan area, as it has been for decades, and will continue on that way for decades to come.

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