Miami Dolphins' Joe Philbin Cannot Be Considered For Coach Of The Year

By Tony Tranghese
Charles LeClaire -USA TODAY Sports

Joe Philbin can’t be considered for coach of the year. It just can’t happen, regardless of whether or not the Miami Dolphins make the playoffs. If Joe Philbin is named Coach of the Year than the NFL has to take along, hard look at itself in the mirror.

I understand that the Dolphins are in playoff contention. I also understand that their quarterback Ryan Tannehill has had a terrific sophomore season. In any other given year, I would be behind Philbin as coach of the year. The Dolphins are finally relevant after years of being an embarrassment. I just can’t support a coach for the honors when his locker room was an absolute mess this year.

Like it or not, the Richie Incognito thing is a big deal. Just because it hasn’t been in the mainstream media for a few weeks doesn’t mean we can just forget about it. The head coach needs to have the pulse of his team. He should know everything that is going on with his team and within his organization. Philbin should be lucky to still have his job. If I ran the Dolphins, I would have had no problem asking him to re-sign.

Coach of the Year needs to embody more than wins and losses. He is the face of a franchise; he is responsible for his players actions, and he is responsible for developing players. Congratulations Philbin. You beat the New England Patriots. It’s too bad you had no control over your players leading up to the win.

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