New Orleans Saints Deserved Week 15 Loss

By jackcavanaugh
Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

You read that right.

The New Orleans Saints deserved to lose their Week 15 match up against the St. Louis Rams. The Saints, though favored against a Rams team that had already been eliminated from postseason play, played an absolutely horrible game, lost 27-16 and fell to 10-4 on the season. New Orleans could have guaranteed themselves a playoff spot with a win against St. Louis, but instead will have to wait another week to clinch that.

The Saints quite simply were outplayed and just looked like they did not show up to play. Drew Brees’ first throw of the game resulted in an interception. He finished the day 39-for-56 for 393 yards, one touchdown pass, another touchdown run, two interceptions and a fumble.

These are the kinds of games that worry me as a Saints fan. St. Louis was without starting quarterback Sam Bradford and their young, play-making rookie Tavon Austin and this should have been another Saints victory. Instead, New Orleans now has a 3-4 road record. Despite the fact that the Saints have the best road record of any team since 2009, sometimes they just look downright horrible when not at home in the Superdome.

The Saints just had no answer to the Rams, both on offense and defense. St. Louis’ backup quarterback, Kellen Clemens, threw two touchdown passes. Their rookie running back Zach Stacy ran all over Rob Ryan’s defensive unit, compiling 133 yards and a touchdown.

This was another frustrating game to watch if you were a Saints fan. Although New Orleans is still in a very good position to claim the No. 2 seed in the NFC, they sure seem to like to make it as difficult as possible.

Keep the faith, Saints fans.

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