New York Giants Historically Bad In Loss to Seattle Seahawks

By Christian Nelson
eli manning
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After the loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15, the New York Giants fell to 5-9 on the season, failing to compete for a .500 record in 2013. Not only did the Giants fall to the NFC-leading Seahawks, but they were shut out from scoring against the league-leading Seattle defense. Eli Manning failed to drive the ball down the field the entire game and only brought his Giants into Seahawks territory once.

Big Blue’s quarterback threw for an overwhelming five interceptions against Seattle, and couldn’t get the running game going from start to finish. Sunday also marked the first time a Giants team has been shut out in their home stadium since 1995 against the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants were held to only 181 yards on offense through the entire game, and practically handed the game to the Seahawks on a silver platter.

This may arguably be the worst Giants team in the 2000s as the offense has been shut out twice this season, while the team’s defense has also been horrific. The offensive line is pathetic, which leads to no time for Manning to survey the field and make proper reads of the defense. In turn, the run game suffers immensely for it, as defenses key on stopping the run and rushing the passer on each and every play.

The defense surprisingly didn’t play all that bad of a game against Russell Wilson‘s offense. Antrel Rolle did force a turnover against a deep pass from Wilson to highlight a rough day in East Rutherford, New Jersey. So after this embarrassing defeat on Sunday, many questions can be asked: Who will be back next season? Why are the Giants so bad just two years after winning a Lombardi Trophy? Do the Giants have the right coaching staff?

This season may be lost and the offense is certainly atrocious, but it could be for the best. This offseason will be key to fixing the suspect offensive line while also signing some of the expiring players from this season and letting go of the players that aren’t producing.

Hang tight Giants fans, this season is almost over, and the Giants will be making some major changes this offseason to end this depressing 2013 NFL season.

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