Dallas Cowboys: Loss to Green Bay Packers Isn't on Tony Romo

By Michael Pidgeon
Tony Romo
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Following an amazing comeback by the Green Bay Packers, Tony Romo once again got the blunt of the blame for the Dallas Cowboys losing. Romo gets the blame all the time, but these critics who like to think they’re football gurus fail to realize this isn’t Romo’s fault. It starts at the top and works its way done.

Jerry Jones continues to say he supports his coaching staff. If Jones isn’t just blowing smoke and he truly feels that way, then he doesn’t know how to build a winning franchise anymore.

Play calling is downright pitiful. DeMarco Murray has started proving he is capable of carrying the ball for decent yardage against other teams not named the St. Louis Rams. That just doesn’t seem to matter in Dallas though. Whether Murray is having a great game or struggling, the Cowboys’ play calling continues to abandon the run. Bill Callahan is incapable of calling a football game any better than Jason Garrett did.

If watching Dallas’ offense isn’t enough to frustrate you, then start watching its defense. Monte Kiffin‘s Tampa 2 has failed to work in Big D. The Cowboys have the wrong defensive personnel for that type of defense to work and the Tampa 2 style defense went out of style years ago. The fact that backup quarterbacks play like potential Pro Bowlers when they face Dallas’ defense should be enough for Jones to want to make a change at defensive coordinator.

Jason has failed miserably as the head coach of the Cowboys. The hot seat is clearly getting to him or else he wouldn’t have tried to throw Romo under the bus in yesterday’s postgame press conference. Plain and simple, it’s time for Garrett to go.

Jones hasn’t had a Super Bowl team since 1995. It’s about time this man gets a clue. Cutting ties with just about the entire coaching staff would be a step in the right direction. Whether or not Jones likes it, he is going to have to hire a head coach who is man enough to stand up to him. Dallas needs an offensive coordinator who isn’t afraid to run the ball and a defensive coordinator that fits the personnel already under contract.

I don’t know if all of this is too complex for others to understand, but putting the blame on Romo after every single loss is getting old. Stop hating on Tony and realize the Cowboys’ struggles are out of his hands. Until Jerry manages to make the changes necessary to get Dallas to the Super Bowl, Romo will just continue being a great quarterback on an average team.

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