Dallas Cowboys’ Problem Incorrectly Diagnosed Again in Loss to Green Bay Packers

By Jeric Griffin
Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys choker
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Before Week 14 of the 2013 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys had a formula for success that they seldom used, although it was foolproof. Well, at least it was. Up until Dallas’ miserable loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, the Cowboys were undefeated in games in which DeMarco Murray ran for at least 100 yards. Now after an absolutely disastrous loss to the Green Bay Packers, Dallas has lost two games in a row that each saw Murray eclipse the century mark. The way in which the team found a way to screw up this simple way to win is astounding, yet Tony Romo is incorrectly being called the goat yet again.

Now let’s stop right here and make it clear this isn’t a Romo-defending sopfest; on the contrary, he deserves plenty of blame for Dallas’ last two embarrassing losses, but he’s not the root of the problem, contrary to popular belief.

The Cowboys were ahead 26-3 at halftime on Sunday and at that point in the game, Romo had thrown the ball 29 times while Murray had 11 attempts on the ground. With a 23-point lead, Romo dropped back 24 times in the second half while only giving Murray seven carries. The utter stupidity of those statistics should make any Cowboys fan sick because that is why Dallas lost to an Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay team at home in a December game with huge playoff implications.

Was Romo’s late-game interception a bad throw? Yes. But he shouldn’t have been throwing at that point in the game. Had Jason Garrett and Bill Callahan called sensible plays like any decent coach from Pop Warner to the pros, Romo would have been taking a knee at that point.

Then folks want to blame the Cowboys’ defense again, even though the unit was lights out in the first half. Sure, Dallas’ defenders gave up a ton of yards and points in the second half, but that’s because they where on the field for basically the entire third and fourth quarters. Again, had there been any reasonable play-calling on the Cowboys’ sideline, everyone would be talking about how they team owns its own destiny at this point instead of Romo “choking.”

You see, it’s ignorant statements like this that keep the Cowboys at bay. Jerry Jones is heavily persuaded by public opinion (expect for the cries of his resignation and the head of Romo), so if he doesn’t hear the fans’ displeasure with the coaching staff, he won’t do anything about it because Lord knows he’s not smart enough to see the problem himself.

So if you’re a disgruntled Cowboys fan who sees the real problem with this team (and entire organization, for that matter), you can thank you fellow “fans” for the franchise’s demise, which is at least partially due to their ignorant accusations. But as dysfunctional as that last statement was, does it not perfectly describe the Cowboys as a whole? Thought so.

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