Jerry Jones Could Be Fixin' To Make Changes To Dallas Cowboys

By Nick Schaeflein
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The state of football in Texas is being turned head-over-heels this year with one crazy turn after another. The Houston Texans currently have the worse record in the NFL and are riding a 12-game losing streak. The Texas Longhorns have a coaching vacancy to deal with, and then there is the Dallas Cowboys. Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the disappointment.

Over the last few years, there is something depressing, yet comical about the Cowboys’ organization. There is Tony Romo, who is either always in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a player who simply cannot get the job done in crunch time. There is head coach Jason Garrett, who has yet to see a playoff game as head coach. And finally, there is the ring leader of the Cowboys circus, owner Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys have not reached the playoffs since 2009. Each year, the team finds themselves with promise, potential, and an annual over-rated bust for making the playoffs. Jones is an over-controlling, ego-driven face of a franchise that continues to disappoint year-in and year-out with his franchise.

Arguably, since building the new AT&T Stadium, a.k.a “Jerry’s World,” Jones has brought better college football action to Dallas then pro action. The Stadium has hosted several college games including the Cowboys Classic, various regular season games, and is now the host for the Cotton Bowl. However, none of those games will lead to a Super Bowl.

After yet another crushing, but seemingly reoccurring Dallas loss, this time to the Green Bay Packers, Jones stormed off the field, possibly with the wheels spinning already on another Texas-sized shake up. The loss could prevent the Cowboys from possibly making the playoffs yet again, and could that mean a coaching change?

Jones has consistently stood by Garrett, but a breaking point has to be reached eventually. In addition, the Mack Brown constant story-changing job status seems to have some truths missing. What was really said during those closed-door meetings? Could Jones and Brown eventually be having their own discussions as well? Brown is 62-years old and does not have any NFL coaching experience. However, he could be looking for a change of scenery, and Jones could be looking for a new head coach at season’s end. Leave it to Jones to lasso up a fellow Texan to try and reshape the state of Texas Football yet again.


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