Richie Incognito Will Remain Suspended With Pay; Trade in Future?

By Andrew Fisher
Richie Incognito
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Richie Incognito fiasco was all the talk in the sports world for about three weeks during the middle of the 2013 NFL season. At first it seemed like he was the bully of all bullies to Jonathan Martin, but then as more and more details emerged, it seemed that maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Regardless of where you fall on the whole ‘bullying in the NFL’ debate, the end result for Incognito this season was a suspension.

The offensive lineman was suspended indefinitely by the Miami Dolphins following the release of strongly-worded voicemail to Martin and he’s been on the shelf ever since. Now it appears the shelf is where Incognito will remain for the rest of 2013. However, even though he’ll remain suspended by the Dolphins, he’ll still get paid. The question now becomes – will he be traded before the start of 2014?

If you had to place a bet on whether or not he’d get dealt at this point, I’d have to bet on a trade. The Dolphins have learned to play without him and you can argue that his return could equal a toxic situation in the Miami locker room. Would his return be the worst thing? Absolutely not, but it’s also probably not the best thing for business.

A lot of the decision could be based on how the Dolphins finish the season. If they make the playoffs and Ryan Tannehill stays protected, you could argue that Incognito is expendable (if someone will take him). If they miss the postseason and Tannehill spends lots of time pulling himself up off the turf, it’s very possible the Dolphins could open up to the idea of a Incognito return.


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