Ryan Tannehill and the 5 Most Undervalued Quarterbacks In the NFL

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Who Is The Most Underrated Quarterback In the NFL?

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It's nearly impossible to be an underrated NFL quarterback. The very wording makes for just an ironic sentence all around. However, a few quarterbacks have slipped under the NFL's radar like you wouldn't believe. For instance, Ryan Tannehill remains in the shadow of other second-year quarterbacks such as: Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and even Robert Griffin III. Yet Tannehill is playing wonderful as he has the Miami Dolphins gunning for a playoff spot, despite the team's depleted offensive line.

Tannehill isn't the only signal-caller getting the shaft. While Griffin III and Mike Shanahan are busy fighting with one another, quarterback-coach combinations like the one between Nick Foles and Chip Kelly for the Philadelphia Eagles are humming right along with little to no problem at all. Moreover, it's time to give those less talked about quarterbacks a day in the sun.

So, while some quarterbacks fly under the radar due to their team playing poorly, others have earned the underrated label for reasons unknown. For example, what does Carson Palmer have to do to get some credit with the 9-5 Arizona Cardinals? Jeez.

Furthermore, here is a quick rundown of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. Please remember: Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are not underrated because they are MVP candidates and routinely brought up in conversation as the top at the position.

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No. 6: Philip Rivers

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You might not consider Philip Rivers underrated like some other quarterbacks in the NFL, but the San Diego Chargers' signal-caller belongs on this list. Rivers is routinely treated like a "decent" quarterback even though he currently leads the league in completion percentage with nearly 70% of his passes going for completions.

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No. 5: Matt McGloin

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The Oakland Raiders do still play football, right? Yes, they do. And Matt McGloin in emerging as a very solid quarterback in the NFL. The Raiders' first-year quarterback has thrown for at least 245 yards in each of his last four games. If McGloin can curb his turnover issues then the Raiders might be set for a few years under center.

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No. 4: Ryan Fitzpatrick

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The only chance Ryan Fitzpatrick had at reviving his NFL career was for Jake Locker to get hurt. Well, the injury-prone Locker went down and since answering the call in late September, Fitzpatrick has excelled. With 13 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions on the season; Fitzpatrick has done his best to keep the Tennessee Titans afloat.

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No. 3: Carson Palmer

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If the Arizona Cardinals sneak into the NFC Playoffs this year then Carson Palmer deserves a medal. In just one season Palmer has managed to bring the Cardinals' offense from the cellar to the penthouse. Finally, Larry Fitzgerald has a serviceable quarterback and No. 11 sure has taken advantage of Palmer's fantastic season.

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No. 2: Mike Glennon

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Who needs Josh Freeman when you have rookie Mike Glennon waiting in the wings? That was Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano's mindset and it has paid off. Glennon has all of the tools to be an NFL quarterback and he's off to a great start with 17 touchdowns on the year and just seven interceptions. The Bucs have found their franchise quarterback, even if he isn't the most popular signal-caller.

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No. 1: Ryan Tannehill

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Ryan Tannehill isn't Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson, and he surely isn't Robert Griffin III. With that being said, Tannehill is easily the least talked about second-year quarterback. The former wide receiver became the first Miami QB since Dan Marino to have at least five 300+ passing-yard games in the same year. If the Dolphins can slip through the AFC cracks and into the playoffs then the Marino comparisons might not be too far-fetched after all.

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