Should New York Jets Trade For Kirk Cousins?

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Kirk Cousins
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets are looking for some help. With their loss to the Carolina Panthers, it basically eliminates the Jets from playoff contention. While they are still mathematically alive, it is highly unlikely that they will make the playoffs. Now it is time for the Jets to start thinking about the draft and next season. A big question that has come up is if the Jets should trade for Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The Jets haven’t had an answer at quarterback in a long time. Mark Sanchez started off great, but his career has gone downhill so fast and there is a 99 percent chance that he doesn’t end up with the Jets next season. Geno Smith was drafted in the second round of last year’s NFL draft and has started every game this season. But during those games, Smith has been a turnover machine. The only player in the NFL who has thrown more interceptions than Smith is Eli Manning.

While it is true that Smith has the worst receiving corps in the history of football, it does not cover up the fact that he makes the same mistakes over and over again.

Enter Cousins. He is the forgotten man of last year’s quarterback class because he has not gotten the chance to play. He has been backing up Robert Griffin III with the Redskins since he was drafted. In the one start Cousins had last year, he won the game. Now the Redskins have decided to start Cousins in the last three games of this season to audition him for trades. The Redskins want a first-round pick for Cousins.

The Jets need a quarterback that is going to play mistake-free football and not turn the ball over. While Cousins could eventually become a good starting quarterback in the NFL, he is not a star like Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson. Cousins is not a franchise quarterback, but he will be a good starter in the NFL.

I do not think the Jets should waste a first round pick on Cousins. This team has so many other holes to fill that they should stick with Smith next season and try to give him some weapons. If next season doesn’t work out, then they should try to draft a quarterback in two years. They also could take a chance on a quarterback in the second or third round of this year’s draft.

The offseason is going to be very interesting for the Jets. If they include Cousins in those plans, I think the team would be making a big mistake.

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