What's Left In New York Jets' Tank?

By Harrison Turkheimer
Rex Ryan
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I just shook my head. Field goals instead of touchdowns, costly mistakes and useless play-calling — all happenings that just felt like deja vu all over again. Once again, the New York Jets faded and fell apart in typical fashion that only the Jets can accomplish.

During the beginning of the Rex Ryan era, there was hope that the future of the franchise would be turning around and the Jets that made fans wish the season would end would be left in the history books. The fact of the matter is that this team had their chances to play their way into the postseason and simply let it slip through their fingers.

There has been zero urgency. The play-calling is lethargic, the execution is poor at best and when momentum seems to be going their way, the team has fallen flat. The team is ranked second in the NFL in three-and outs. How can a team that will finish around .500 again end up this way? Playing up to their opponents is a thought that fans once had, but that’s clearly not the case.

Was this season a lost cause? Was Ryan always going to be canned? With the way that this season ended, it sure looks that way. As one of the biggest Geno Smith supporters, was he really destined to fail all along? How long after Week 17 until Santonio Holmes is cut?  How is this team going to move forward with an inept offense that looks straight-up embarrassing?

Its about time this team truly changes. Even if this team tanked the season, you could hope a good draft pick will pan out. The Jets are looking at  around pick no. 12, so lets hope for a deep draft and deep pockets from the organization. For once, it’d be nice if they stopped being the punchline to every football joke out there.

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