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10 Chicago Bears Who Won’t Be Around In 2014

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10 Bears Who Won't Be Back In Chicago Come 2014

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The Chicago Bears are poised to make a postseason run in 2013. However, any devout NFL fan knows that the Bears' window to win a Super Bowl title is getting rather narrow. For years, Chicago has prided itself on maintain a stout defense with names like Brian Urlacher, Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs doing most of the heavy lifting.

Unfortunately for the Bears, this defense just isn't the same, and it's not getting any younger anytime soon. Thus, Tillman and maybe even Briggs could follow Urlacher out of town sooner rather than later. Briggs is under contract for the 2014 campaign, but the same can not be said about the 32-year-old Tillman. Ever since the All-Pro cornerback suffered a season-ending triceps injury earlier in the year, Tillman's future in the Windy City has been a very hot topic.

However, no topic in Chicago has been more controversial then the quarterback situation. And as fate would have it, both Jay Cutler and Josh McCown happen to be free agents after the season. While it's definitely possible for Bears general manager Phil Emery to place the franchise tag on Cutler and convince the veteran McCown to re-sign. I also wouldn't be surprised in the least if Cutler is shown the door and another NFL team overbids for McCown.

Needless to say, the NFL offseason could be just as explosive as the NFL postseason -- especially for teams with top-notch free agents like Chicago.

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No. 10: Major Wright

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Major Wright does have a knack for making the big play, but the Bears have grown tired of his inability to play the run. Wright is a free agent after the season, and Chicago can find a far less expensive replacement with little to no drop off from Wright.

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No. 9: Josh McCown

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In a perfect world, the Bears would re-sign Josh McCown to serve as the team's back-up for years to come. But, general manager in the NFL are crazy. If GMs are willing to take a chance on Matt Flynn, then someone is bound to overpay for McCown, who isn't under contract after 2013.

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No. 8: Jeremiah Ratliff

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Jeremiah Ratliff isn't the All-Pro he once was. In fact, Ratliff is far removed from his dominant days with the Dallas Cowboys. Thankfully, Ratliff was able to give the Bears a little something in 2013, but this free agent is as good as gone.

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No. 7: Henry Melton

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It's a downright shame that Henry Melton tore his ACL in Week 3. After a All-Pro campaign in 2012, Melton's injury is going to bring down his asking price this offseason, yet the Bears aren't likely to invest in the injured defensive tackle. Melton will find a better deal someplace else.

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No. 6: Jay Cutler

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Well, here he is. Of course, the Bears would love to keep Cutler around. But is this quarterback worth over $75 million? No. And unless Cutler can find a way to win the Bears a Super Bowl in 2013, then No. 6 is as good as gone. The Tennessee Titans should make a strong play at Cutler this offseason.

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No. 5: Tim Jennings

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With Charles Tillman out of the line-up for most of this season, Tim Jennings has taken the role as the leader of the Bears' secondary. Despite his small stature, Jennings is a total play-maker, which means he will be asking for a sizable contract this offseason. Jennings is a tough guy to replace, but Chicago will be forced to do just that.

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No. 4: Mel Tucker

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Mel Tucker is indirectly responsible for one of the worst defense that Chicago has seen in decades. Tucker's first year as defensive coordinator has been marred by injuries, but there is no way that Tucker keeps his job through the offseason. With so many moving parts, look for the Bears to contemplate switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 scheme.

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No. 3: D.J. Williams

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Unfortunately, many Bears fans probably have no clue who D.J. Williams even is. The middle linebacker was signed in the offseason to a one-year deal, but suffered a season-ending pectoral injury in Week 6. Williams is easily replaceable as rookie like Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene are likely to fill the void.

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No. 2: Charles Tillman

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Heading into the 2013 season, Tillman had done a wonderful job keeping himself healthy over the years. Sadly, that wasn't the case this year as the aging Tillman simply broke down. While a move to safety would make some sense for the Bears, I still see Tillman playing for another team this time next year.

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No. 1: Devin Hester

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Devin Hester will go down as the best returner in the history of the NFL. However, the year is 2013 not 2006. While a few Bears fans might not want to hear it, Hester is proving to be a waste of space as he only contribute on special teams. As a free agent, Hester might get a sizable offer from the Bears, but I fully expect Chicago to cut ties with another infamous No. 23.