5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Lose in Week 16

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5 NFL Teams That Will Definitely Lose in Week 16

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Week 16 is upon us and the playoff picture is becoming clearer and clearer. However, some teams that were expected to win and wrap up home field really squandered opportunities. The Denver Broncos lost at home to the San Diego Chargers in a shocking result. The New England Patriots once again faced a deficit early and this time couldn't rally back. On Sunday night, the Cincinnati Bengals, who could have taken the No. 2 spot from the Pats, blew a huge opportunity to do so as they got demolished by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It is the latest in the season that all three of the top seeds have fallen in quite a long time. The AFC in particular is very murky. No team has asserted itself as a dominant force and it once again looks wide open. Much like last season when the Baltimore Ravens of all teams ran through the AFC, it looks ripe for someone to make a similar run.

The NFC's pecking order is a little clearer. It looks like the Seattle Seahawks and everyone else. Week 16 is full of juicy matchups. Teams are fighting for seeds and positioning and also scratching and clawing just to get into the playoffs.

It is truly the best time of the year for the NFL and its fans. Postseason football is right around the corner. Truly the most exciting time of the season if you are a football fan. This is where games truly start to have a playoff feel as the main contenders start to take shape.

Let's take a look at five teams that will definitely lose in Week 16.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a disaster of a franchise right now. They are fresh off a blow out at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers and Greg Schiano's job is in serious jeopardy after the season. They face a ferocious St. Louis Rams' defense on the road that just took down the New Orleans Saints in convincing fashion. This looks like another loss for the Bucs.

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New York Giants

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The New York Giants right now are a sinking ship. Tom Coughlin is on the hot seat and Eli Manning has had a disastrous nightmare of a season. His 26 interceptions lead the league by a wide margin. They simply got embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks on their home turf as Manning through five more interceptions. They travel to Detroit to take on the Lions who won't be in the most pleasant of moods. This looks like another loss for the Giants.

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Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons are a total disaster this season. Despite the Redskins turning the ball over seven times they still barely inched out a victory over the Washington Redskins and backup quarterback Kirk Cousins. They travel to Candle Stick to play the 49ers in what should be a rout on Monday Night Football in front of a national audience.

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Houston Texans

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The Houston Texans got blown out of the water last week against the Colts. Needless to say, it won't get any easier this week. The Broncos are still fuming about a home loss to the Chargers. They will take it out on the hapless Texans. This has blowout written all over it.

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Minnesota Vikings

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The Minnesota Vikings had an impressive lop sided victory over the Eagles despite missing Adrian Peterson. They now go on the road to face the Cincinnati Bengals who blew a chance to become the two seed in the AFC last Sunday night. The Bengals won't let another letdown happen. It will be a long afternoon for the Vikings.