Comparing Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford to Tony Romo

By Tony Tranghese
“Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports”

Matthew Stafford is the Detroit Lions‘ version of Tony Romo. Stafford not only plays on an underachieving team, but he also has a knack for throwing interceptions at in opportune times. The Lions should have run away with the division this year after the stars aligned for them with Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers both missing significant time and the Minnesota Vikings being a division 1-AA team. The NFC East is such a disaster that the Dallas Cowboys should have run away with that division as well.

It’s unacceptable. Stafford has offensive weapons all around him. Calvin Johnson is going to go down as one of the best receivers in history. Reggie Bush has exceeded expectations when healthy, and Nate Burleson is no slouch either. Stafford’s turnovers have killed this team. Stafford threw three interceptions against the Baltimore Ravens in a game where the Ravens couldn’t manage to score a touchdown.

Stafford and Romo are similar. They both put up great fantasy numbers and can keep you in a video game shootout type of game. The problem is neither one of them is going to march you down the field in a close game. Even if they do they are not going to lead you to victory. When quarterbacks have the opportunity to lead a team to victory they have to capitalize on it; that’s what defines quarterbacks. We give Eli Manning a pass because of his resume that includes two Super Bowls and a plethora of fourth quarter comebacks, but Romo and Stafford aren’t so lucky.

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