John Harbaugh Makes A Good Call With Justin Tuckers' Game Winning Field Goal

By Dan Abeshouse
Justin Tucker
Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

For those of you who’ve been following my articles throughout this football season, you will know that I’ve been a little hard on Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh. Despite some blunders earlier in the year, Harbaugh should be commended for having faith in Justin Tucker to kick a game-winning field goal against the Detroit Lions to win the game.

In the previous drive, Joe Flacco took a nasty hit to the knee by DeAndre Levy. Flacco was able to come back into the game, but he was clearly effected, as he was sailing several passes high. Luckily, Flacco was able to connect on a rope to Jacoby Jones and a 3rd-and-15 on the game winning drive. From the Lions’ 47 yard line, the Ravens called a draw play for Ray Rice straight up the gut for three yards. A very strange call for a 3rd-and-10 play, but apparently the plan was to kick a long field goal all along. In my opinion, this was the best option at the time, instead of having a gimpy Flacco try to convert a 4th-and-7. Tucker for 61 yards was the best chance of winning in that situation, and that’s exactly what happened.

For all the crappy 4th-and-1 runs up the middle with Rice and Vonta Leach you’ll usually get a gutsy, yet smart, call like the Tucker field goal. I’ve always thought that Harbaugh was a good coach, he just makes some mind-numbing bad calls from time to time. In crunch time of a game that the Ravens badly needed, Harbaugh got it right.

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