Matt Cassel Now Part of Minnesota Vikings' Future QB Conversation

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Cassel
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To call the Minnesota Vikings‘ quarterback situation a ‘train wreck’ this season, might be putting it lightly. Three different players have tried their luck as the team’s starting signal-caller, and all three have failed in some regards. But after 14 games, one guy has slightly emerged – Matt Cassel.

The veteran QB signed a two-year deal with the Vikings this past offseason to become the team’s backup. However, we all knew at the time that there was a chance he could steal the job away from Christian Ponder. As of now, that’s the reality in Minnesota. Cassel has been named the team’s starter for the rest of 2013 and the final two games will most certainly act as an audition for next year.

Most people believe the Vikings should draft a QB in 2014 with their first round pick (currently would be No. 8 overall), but it now seems like Cassel is very much part of the equation for 2014 as well. Contract wise, Cassel can opt out within five days after the Super Bowl in February. At the same time, he has a player option to stay in Minnesota and make $3.7 million.

If the Vikings take a QB in the draft and plan to play him right out of the gate next season, having the veteran Cassel in the bullpen is going be a good thing. But will that situation just lead to another one like this year? That’s the question, and that’s why it’s possible that the Vikings will just roll with No. 16 moving forward.

We’ll have to wait and see how Minnesota plays in the finals two weeks with Cassel at the helm, but they sure seem like a more explosive team when he’s under center. Greg Jennings is a better reciever and many other veteran players have commented on his control of the huddle.

It might not be the best plan, but Cassel has led two different teams to 10-win seasons in the past. It’s possible he could do it again with the Vikings in 2014. If you’re a fan of the purple and gold, he’s the player to watch in the final two weeks.


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