New York Giants Are Only Team To Be Shut Out This Season

By Andrew Lecointe
Joe Camporeale – USA Today Sports

The New York Giants showed exactly what the problem is in their latest loss to the Seattle Seahawks. A total of 844 points was scored in Week 15, including 56 from the Kansas City Chiefs and 48 from the Minnesota Vikings. However, the Giants were the only team to be shut out in Week 15, providing more evidence that the offense is simply too basic and predictable. The Giants are the only team to be shut out in a game this season, and they’ve been shut out twice this season.

Furthermore, the victory from the Baltimore Ravens over the Detroit Lions in last night’s game was just the second time this season a team won a game without scoring a touchdown. That other team is the Giants, when they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 15-7 earlier this season. Simply put, the Giants just aren’t getting into the end zone, so that should be a major concern.

This was also a problem late last season. The Giants were shut out by the Atlanta Falcons at a time when they needed wins to stay ahead in the NFC East race. The struggles for the offense date back to the second half of last season, when the Giants were 6-2 and failed to generate much offense against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a home loss.

Head coach Tom Coughlin has remained loyal to offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. However, it’s the coach’s responsibility to put their players in the best possible position to perform at their best. Simply put, it doesn’t seem Gilbride is doing that all. If the Giants’ offense continues to struggle, Coughlin must demand change from Gilbride or be prepared to let him go.

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